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NAMI Requesting a Postponement of California Proposition #12 Requirements


In contrast to the egg industry in California and producers supplying the State the meat industry represented by the North American Meat Institute (NAMI) is requesting delays in implementing provisions as determined by voters who approved California Proposition #12 in November 2018.  In their comment, Mark Dopp, Senior Vice-president of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs and the General Counsel of the trade association stated, “NAMI wishes to repeat its request that CDFA postpone implementing Proposition #12 for at least two years or longer, as necessary, to ensure conversion and a common understanding among the Agency, the industry and consumers about the laws, economic impact in the alleged rationales underlying Proposition #12.”


The people have spoken.  It is now up to the producers of pork and veal to conform to the housing requirements to adapt to the law.  Veal crates and tethered sows are unacceptable and should be replaced by alternative systems as installed by producers in many states in compliance with customer specifications.



Providing one or other intensive animal sector a variance on the basis of “a less efficient supply chain” is unacceptable given the considerable investment by egg producers to convert from conventional cages and colony modules to barn and aviary systems.