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USDA Deregulates Proprietary Canola Seed


The USDA has deregulated a proprietary canola seed developed by Cargill. The cultivar will contain relatively high levels of EPA and DHA required for aquaculture diets.  The new canola seed will be branded as Latitude™.


In commenting on the innovation Mark Christiansen managing director for the Cargill Specialty Oil Business stated, “This approval means we are on target to deliver Latitude™, our sustainable fish oil alternative made from canola oil seeds to aquaculture farmers and feed manufacturers.

The high omega-3 canola varieties have been developed and tested in Montana since 2015 and will now be commercialized.  The variety was developed in cooperation with BASF the submitter of the application for regulatory approval.

Although developed for aquaculture, canola with high omega-3 fatty acids could be used in diets for egg laying hens to increase the nutrient content of DHA and EPA in addition to ALA which is the predominant omega-3 fatty acid in enriched eggs.