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China Comments on the Outcome of the October Trade Negotiations


Having absorbed the U.S. interpretation of the October 10th and 11th bilateral trade negotiations it is instructive to review comments from China since there was no post-meeting communiqué. According to a senior official of the Ministry of Commerce, Gao Feng, the position of his Government is as follows:-

  • All ‘additional’ (presumably those announced in August) tariffs due to have been imposed on October 15th and scheduled for December 15th must be rescinded
  • Both sides will reconvene to finalize details before an interim “Phase-1 Agreement” can be signed
  • China intends purchasing U.S. agricultural produce however no specific commodities, quantities or time periods have been stated.
  • No mention was made of structural issues that underlie the conflict including intellectual property, state subsidies or coercive trade practices.

Gao expressed the desire that both the U.S. and China will end the trade war that is mutually damaging.


The divergence between post-Negotiation statements as to what was agreed has assumed the proportions of Rashomon, the classic 1950 Kurosawa movie based on a traditional Japanese legend.