Lidl to Purchase 27 Best Market Stores


After an initial round of expansion in the U.S., Lidl erected free-standing stores with 59 completed in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey.


Despite initial consumer interest, sales waned and the company reassessed it business plan for the U.S.  In mid-year, Lidl suggested that they might consider using existing stores modified to Lidl specifications.


On Monday November 19th Lidl announced that it would purchase 27 Best Market supermarkets with 24 located on Long Island, NY and the remaining three in New Jersey. The transaction will close within the next few months and provide a solid basis for Lidl in a high density New York state area.


The CEO of Lidl U.S., Johannes Fieber stated, “We are excited to expand into many great communities on Long Island and across the New York City area and introduce more customers to our simple and efficient approach to grocery shopping, which will mean high-quality and huge savings for more shoppers.” 


It is understood that the employees of Best Market will have employment opportunities with Lidl after the transition with wages and benefits equal to or better than their current earnings.