Innovative Approach to Packaging Waste


Kroger and Walgreens have established trial programs with Loop Inc. in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington DC. According to a review in CNN Business participants initially sign up for the pilot program to purchase goods in reusable containers. After use containers are placed in tubs and are collected, cleaned, refilled and shipped back to the consumers. Participants can also collect their products and drop off empty packages at participating retailers. This would be an ideal approach to reusing clean polystyrene and PET egg-packs.


Lauren Brindley, Group Vice-president of Beauty and Personal Care for Walgreens stated, “Innovative collaborations with partners like Loop are critical to solving the complex issue of reducing single-use plastics.”  She added, “Our customers look to us to innovate so that together we can reduce waste and increase re-use.


The Loop service was introduced at the World Economic Forum in Dallas during January and is also operating in Paris.