Russia Attacks Odessa Seaport


According to a report in the Sunday, July 24th Washington Post, Russian missiles impacted the port of Odessa on the previous day.  This event occurred only one day after an agreement between Moscow and Kyiv to allow Ukraine to ship grain from Black Sea ports.  According to local officials, grain silos at the port were not affected but installations were damaged by a cruise missile. Two other missiles were intercepted and destroyed.


In accordance with the agreement, Russia promised not to attack Odessa and other Black Sea ports in Ukrainian territory in addition to allowing safe-transit corridors for merchant vessels. The attack was either intentional to warn parties to the agreement including Turkey and the United Nations that Russia has the capacity and inclination to use military force to support its position.  An alternative is that the command and control capability of the Russian military is defective, as has been demonstrated previously with indiscriminate shelling and missile attacks on civilian areas devoid of military significance.


The Defense Minister of Turkey, Hulusi Akar, stated that Russian officials have denied responsibility for the attack.  This is cynical evasion of responsibility since no other nation has either the capacity or the motive to attack port installations in Ukraine.


Russia is as untrustworthy as ever and cannot be relied on to adhere to agreements.