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Ovotrack Provides Traceability Systems to Meet KAT Requirements in the E.U


Approximately 400 egg packing plants in Germany and neighboring E.U. nations participate in the KAT Traceability program. Currently 2,500 farms, 5,400 flocks and 185 feed compounders participate in the system. The KAT traceability program encompasses feed supplier, production farm and packing plant to provide assurances to consumers regarding housing system, welfare, and food safety.


Aldi is the principal supporter of the system and all egg packs sold by the chain in Germany carry an Aldi Transparency Code (ATC) with eggs individually identified with an imprinted code.  Information can be downloaded from the Aldi website by entering the ATC or for eggs purchased from other chains using the stamped KAT number.



To comply with the KAT system, major egg producers have installed Ovotrack software modified to be compatible with plant equipment and systems while complying with KAT requirements.  All Ovotrack installations allow the grader to communicate with farms and distribution centers for complete transparency through the supply chain.


Further details can be obtained from the Ovotrack website by clicking on to the logo on the right side of the Welcome page.

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