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White House to Veto Proposed H. J. Resolution 27 on WOTUS


In a March 6th 2023 Statement issued by the White House, the President will veto H.J. Resolution 27 to disapprove the “Revised Definition of Waters of the United States-Final Rule” if passed.


The Administration pointed to the benefits of the revised WOTUS definition that reverts largely to 1986 regulations with appropriate updates and exclusions. The White House maintains that reversion to a pre-2015 definition will be beneficial and will prevent uncertainty if disapproved.


During the past week, in defiance of the White House a bill was passed by a margin of  227 to 198 with the support of Democratic Party members of the Agricultural Committee and House.  The Bill expressed Congressional disapproval of the revised definitions of WOTUS citing Chapter 8 of Title 5 of the United States Code.


The issue in any event is subject to review by SCOTUS with a ruling on the legality of the revised definition to be handed down during the 2023 session.