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PEAK Emerges as Premier Dedicated Poultry Convention


The first restructured PEAK Convention, organized by the Midwest Poultry Federation, was the 52nd annual event rebranded to focus on technology, education and promoting industry relations.


The move from St. Paul to Minneapolis a few years ago allowed for expansion of the show area that in 2023 included close to 270 exhibitors, including the Showco companies that participate on alternate years at the IPPE.


Despite concern over HPAI, there were no major outbreaks in commercial egg production or broiler operations during the first quarter of 2023, creating a moderate level of optimism and contributing to attendance. Participation exceeded pre-COVID levels with farmers, contractors, integrators and representatives of the allied industry involved in all aspects of the extensive program.


The organizers successfully balanced the education program, the show floor and fellowship over the three-day period.  Specialist events included the North Central Avian Disease Conference, the Organic Egg Farmers of America Symposium and the pre-show Nutrition and Poultry Health Symposium preceding the exhibit days.  TED talks on the show floor on both Wednesday, April 12th and the following morning provided exhibitors the opportunity to promote innovations in management, nutrition, equipment and flock health.



In addition to the traditional Turkey, Broiler and Egg-production tracks, the organizers introduced a Business and Leadership Development track with speakers promoting communications and the development of a productive company culture critical to productivity and profitability.

Beyond the needs of Midwest producers, the upgraded PEAK convention offers a broad range of educational and commercial opportunities to the entire poultry industry in North America. Topics of universal interest were reviewed in the Tracks but also discussed informally at the meeting. These included the prospect for limited vaccination against HPAI as an additional measure to supplement intensive biosecurity. PEAK as now organized addresses national issues, contributing to knowledge and representing a forum to develop contacts and to strengthen relationships.

The Board of the Midwest Poultry Federation has established a balanced format for the PEAK Convention held over three days.  The efforts of the Empowered Events team led by Midwest Poultry Federation veteran, Lara Durben, are recognized through their pre-event publicity, arrangements for hotels and registration, the needs of exhibitors and overall coordination contributing to a seamless and productive convention.