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Hamlet Protein Arranges Colloquium


Egg-NewsHamlet Protein was recently the host for a colloquium chaired by Professor Knud Bach Knudsen of Aarhus University, attended by 15 doctoral-level students from Denmark, the United Kingdom and the United States and with contributions from Professor Hans Stein from the University of Illinois.  The program included updates on scientific aspects of neonatal nutrition and the application of high-quality protein ingredients in starter and pre-starter feeds for hogs and poultry.


Professor Knudsen noted, “The program was aimed to provide students with an overview of protein in feeds and the impact on nutrition and intestinal health of non-ruminant animals.  Our cooperation with Hamlet Protein provided a unique opportunity to learn how scientific insights are translated into practical solutions.”


Erik Visser, CEO of Hamlet Protein, commented, “We strongly believe that sharing knowledge drives value creation that is embedded in our strategy.”  He added, “We work with renowned universities to gather data that helps us understand how we can best support the performance of farm animals with our protein solutions.”


Hamlet Protein produces soy-based ingredients for piglets, chicks, poults and calves.  The company operates production plants in Horsens, Denmark and Findlay, OH in the U.S.  For additional information, access the company website by clicking onto the Hamlet Protein logo on the right side of the Welcome page.