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Canada to Support U.S. on GMO Corn Ban by Mexico


Despite the fact that Mexico modified the proposed ban on GM corn allowing inclusion in animal feeds, both the U. S. and Canada have voiced opposition to the policy spearheaded by President Andres Moreno Lopez Obrador.


The U. S. has initiated a USMCA dispute panel after negotiations failed as a result of intransigence by Mexican representatives.


Mary Ng, Minister of Trade for Canada, together with Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture, issued a statement that Canada “shares the concerns of the U.S. that Mexico is not compliant with the science and risk analysis obligations under the USMCA sanitary measures”. 


As with the U.S., Canada is of the opinion that Mexico is not compliant with the requirement to apply established science in trade decisions.


With respect to human consumption, tortillas, a staple in Mexico, are prepared with non-GM domestic white corn. Local and imported yellow corn is used for livestock feed.