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Northland Boom Introduces SprayImmune 3W Vaccinator for Aviaries


Following extensive development based on their existing range of proven vaccinators, Northland Boom will market the SprayImmune 3W model specific for aviaries.  The features of the sprayer include: -

  • The SprayImmune 3W offers 12-volt cordless operation for portability, obviating power cables.
  • Control over droplet size is achieved through a simple adjustment allowing selection of fine to coarse droplet size appropriate to type of vaccine and environmental conditions during administration.
  • The SprayImmune 3W vaccinator is designed to operate in narrow aisles and has large wheels to operate on litter. Reach of spray extends up to 25-feet, exceeding standard commercial units. Height of nozzles is adjustable to accommodate a range of module and tier configurations so that the flock receives uniform coverage.
  • As with all Northland Boom products, the SprayImmune 3W model is constructed with durable materials and quality components and fittings for prolonged operational life with an extended warranty on the frame.
  • All Northland Boom Aviary Sprayers can be custom-modified to achieve optimal administration of vaccines in a variety of aviary designs.


Efficient administration of aerosol-administered vaccines is necessary to achieve priming immunity during the early pullet-growing period or subsequently to boost immunity during the production cycle.  Based on the reality that many birds are ‘vaccinated’ but not all are ‘immunized’ Northland Boom has applied the input from poultry health professionals and egg-producers to design a spray vaccinator that conforms to the specific operating conditions of aviaries.