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China Evaluating GM Cultivars


Hampered by low yields of corn and soybeans compared to standards in the U.S., China is evaluating GM crops.  Although the nation imports GM corn and soybeans, domestic cultivation has not received approval.  Trials in twenty counties in five provinces have demonstrated the benefits of GM varieties.



According to statements by the Ministry of Agriculture that showed a 95 percent reduction in weed growth and effective control of army worm (Spodoptera spp.) as would be expected contributed to increased yields.


It is evident that the Ministry of Agriculture is establishing a climate for adoption of GM crops. The Agency is promoting the benefits of GM to farmers and assuring consumers of safety based on over three decades of consuming GM-derived food in the E.U. and North America.


If the Communist Government decides that GM crops will be beneficial to the economy of China, resulting in less importation, GM crops will be cultivated and consumed and any opposition will be suppressed.