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Instacart® Moving Forward with IPO


Instacart® filed Form S-1 on August 25th with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC filing outlined corporate strategy offering benefits to manufacturers of branded consumer packaged goods including digital advertising and enhanced sales impact.  The company stated, “We help customers advertise their products in a way that can enable an immediate purchase delivered to the consumer within hours.  The real-time nature of purchase and consumption allows brands to optimize their targeting and messaging to achieve compelling returns on investment.”


In 2022, Instacart® was responsible for delivery of goods valued at $29 billion.  The company earned $428 million on total revenue of $2.6 billion.  Net income included $358 million as a tax benefit.  In Fiscal 2021, Instacart® lost $73 million on revenue of $1.8 billion.


The filing also disclosed that Pepsico, Inc. has invested $175 million in Series A convertible stock representing recognition of the future value of Instacart® shares following their IPO.