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Russia Exploiting Cancellation of the BSGI


The Russian Federation was responsible for termination of the Black Sea Grain Initiative (BSGI) that allowed Ukraine to export grain to customers, both in the E.U. and to impoverished nations in North Africa.


Since termination of the BSGI, Russia has continually attacked Black Sea and Danube Delta ports used by Ukraine for export.  Russia is currently negotiating with Turkey that would serve as a distribution point for Russian wheat, with the initiative partly subsidized by Qatar.


In their field and economic warfare against Ukraine, Russia regards any vessel heading to Ukraine as potentially carrying military cargo and therefore subject to search and seizure.  This has effectively stopped any shipments of grain by sea since insurance rates are now prohibitive.




Recent actions by Russia constitute economic warfare on Ukraine. In addition by reducing supply the value of grains harvested by Russia have become more valuable. Despite a proposal by the United Nations to restore the BSGI there is little incentive for Russia to accommodate international requests without relaxing sanctions.