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USDA Introduces Strategy to Reduce Feed Wastage


A combined initiative by the USDA, the USEPA and the USFDA is aimed at reducing food loss and waste by 50 percent by 2030.  It is estimated that among 100 million tons of municipal waste, food and organic material comprise close to two-thirds of the total.


The national strategy for reducing food loss and waste and recycling organics represents the collaborative activities among the three Agencies.


This strategy will include: -

  • Preventing loss of food.
  • Preventing wastage of food.
  • Increased recycling for organic waste.


The respective contributions of the three Agencies will include: -

  • FDA and USDA will evaluate and change date labeling and food safety advice.
  • FDA will pursue digital tracing technology to identify and remove contaminated foods from supply chains.
  • FDA will facilitate food donations by modifying the food code.

It is anticipated that the national strategy will increase food access to those in need, create new jobs and improve resiliency of the food supply chain and ultimately lower the cost of food for households.


Public comment on the proposed national strategy is solicited from December 5th onwards.