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Targan and Viscon Hatchery Automation Announce Strategic Partnership.


Targan Inc. the developer of the WingScan™ System to separate male and female broiler chicks by machine vision sensing of wing feathering and Viscon Hatchery Automation of Holland have announced a strategic alliance for distribution and service of Targan installations.


Viscon is a prominent innovator and manufacturer of hatchery automation and handling in addition to embryo gender-determination installations and in ovo vaccination systems.


The arrangement between the companies will facilitate adoption of the WingScan™ System in areas where Viscon currently maintains a presence.


The Targan WingScan™ System is capable of separating male and female chicks at a rate 100,000 per hour achieving 98 percent accuracy. Automated feather-sexing using machine vision coupled with AI, eliminates the need for manual handling thereby increasing speed and reducing cost. The Targan WingScan™ System will enable broiler producer worldwide to benefit from separate sex grow-out.