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Tyson Foods Facing Backlash over Hiring Legal Asylum Seekers


In 2022 Tyson Foods committed to hiring up to 2,500 legal refugees over a three-year period.  Tyson Foods is a participant in the Tent Partnership that will collectively hire up to 180,000 migrants.


Following criticism in social media and comments by Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH) Tyson issued a statement to clarify misinformation.  The Company stated, “Tyson Foods is strongly opposed to illegal immigration, and we led the way in participating in the two major government programs to help employers combat unlawful employment, the E-Verify and the Mutual Agreement between Governments and Employers Program”.  The statement added, “Tyson Foods employs 120,000 team members in the U.S., all of whom are required to be legally authorized to work in this country.”


Concern over the Tyson intent to employ legal asylum seekers is viewed against the closure of the Perry, IA. pork plant that will displace 1,200 workers.


Senator Vance has gone on record as stating, “Assuming Tyson is operating legally – which we don’t even know if they are, we don’t know the details of their intent but we do know that are firing American workers and hiring illegal aliens to replace them.”  This statement lacks substantiation and to some measure demonstrates a prevailing xenophobia that appeals to a large segment of Senator Vance’s constituency.



With respect to making rational decisions on facility utilization that benefits stock owners and stakeholders, Tyson appears to be between a rock and a hard place over staffing and altruism.