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Aldi Commits to Environmentally Friendly Refrigerants


According to a survey conducted by the Environmental Investigation Agency, Aldi has made considerable progress in replacing refrigerants with a low global warming potential, replacing hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) compounds.  Other retailers including Whole Foods Market, Target and Meijer have announced their intention to displace HFC refrigerants with stated public commitments and deadlines.  Many companies are now disclosing leak rates and efforts to enhance maintenance to eliminate the release of HFC compounds.


Aldi was assigned a score of 74 percent on the evaluation, reflecting the environmentally conscious policies of the parent company in Germany.  Aldi management recognizes the benefits of investment in sustainability including solar arrays, wind generation of power, reducing wastage, modifying packaging and installing LED lighting. Upgrading refrigeration installations is only one of a portfolio of strategies contributing to profit and consumer relations.