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Vital Farms is Committed to Pasture Housing for Flocks


Vital Farms was established by Matt O’Hayer in 2007. Matt, a serial entrepreneur with a solid business track record and his spouse Catherine established a small farm on a 27 acre property they owned near Austin, TX.

At the onset of his enterprise, O’Hayer elected to follow U.K. standards applicable to outside access for pastured flocks allowing each hen a minimum of 108 ft2 of outdoor pasture.  Initially, moveable shelters were used followed by a hub-and-spoke approach, then allowing outside access to pasture from each side of a barn.


Egg Innovations – Commitment to Contractors


A feature article highlighting Egg-Innovations is the first in a series reviewing specialist egg producers in the U.S. EGG-NEWS will consider ownership, structure and features of the enterprises which contribute to success in a competitive marketplace.


Problem of Cystic Left Oviduct in Ovulating Non-Layers Investigated


Presentations by poultry health professionals at recent regional meetings have disclosed a field problem of cystic left oviducts associated with false “internal” layers termed ovulating non-layer (ONL) syndrome. The topic was recently the subject of an interactive discussion on a webinar arranged by the American Veterinarians in Egg Production.

Sporadic outbreaks of ONL were described in the late 1960s in the expanding and consolidating U.S. egg industry in the Northeast states. Strains of infectious bronchitis virus (presumably Mass.) prevailing in the U.S. in 1971 were shown to induce ONL following infection of day-old pullets presumably devoid of maternal antibody. There is anecdotal evidence that in the mid-1950s in the U.S. Connaught strain IB vaccine induced up to 3 percent prevalence of ONL when administered to pullets at three weeks of age. The condition gained new attention in Holland following introduction of the D388 serotype of the QX genotype of infectious bronchitis virus resulting in cases of ONL in commercial flocks. The pathogenicity of D388 including induction of ONL was demonstrated in a comprehensive series of experiments conducted by the Dutch Animal Health Service*  


EFSA Report on AI in the E.U.


At the request of the European Commission, The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has prepared a review of avian influenza as it has affected the EU. In consecutive years. The following conclusions are contained in the published report dated October 16th, 2017*.

The panel representing epidemiologists and regulatory veterinarians noted the following:-



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