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World Egg Day Adopts “Protein for Life” as 2018 Theme


To mark World Egg Day the American Egg Board (AEB) is emphasizing the U.S. egg industry's commitment to sustainable nutrition under the global campaign theme "Protein for Life."

"America's egg farmers take their dual responsibilities of providing nutritious food and stewardship of the land extremely seriously," said AEB president and CEO Anne L. Alonzo. "On World Egg Day 2018, we are celebrating “Protein for Life” with the International Egg Commission. We hope to educate people on how eggs are a source of sustainable nutrition to  fight world hunger." Alonzo added “sustainable nutrition remains a focus of the egg industry. Eggs are nutrient-rich, affordable and culturally acceptable with one of the lowest environmental impacts, making them an ideal food source for the growing world population,"

The AEB has created a World Egg Day landing page on its website to provide information on the nutritional sustainability of eggs.