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  • Hurricane Michael cuts Swath Across Southeast States: Following a 13H45 landfall as a Category 4 storm with 150 mph gusts Michael caused extensive damage to properties along the Panhandle of Florida from wind and surge. Initial reports suggest minimal damage to egg complexes and broiler plants but there was extensive disruption of operations with first and second shift closures in Alabama and Georgia to prevent injury to workers traveling storm-damaged roads. Fortunately Michael was a fast-moving storm with high wind gusts but with far less flooding in its wake than Florence.
  • President Trump to Meet With Premier Xi: The White House is making plans for the President to meet with Premier Xi in late November. It is hoped that the mutually destructive trade war will be resolved along with the numerous allegations of unfair trade and mercantile policy demonstrated by China.
  •  EPA to Allow Year-round E-15: The Administration has instructed the EPA to allow distribution of E-15 blend year-round. The action will not result in any appreciable demand for additional ethanol based on the bottleneck represented by the availability of storage and dispensing at gas stations. The change in policy is a short-term politically cosmetic action than a substantial shift in the supply and distribution of grain-based ethanol.
  • Cal-Maine Acquires Featherland Farms in Texas: Cal-Maine Foods purchased the assets of Featherland Farms which produces shell eggs from 600,000 hens.