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Potential Advantages of Butyrate in Egg Production


Butyric acid is available commercially as a sodium salt, encapsulated to prevent absorption in the upper intestinal tract.

Butyrate has a variety of biological functions which include:-

  • Serving as a direct energy source for enterocytes
  • Functioning as a ligand for transmembrane receptors
  • Modulation of gene activity
  • Stimulating peptides that are involved in the immune response
  • Reducing intestinal motility and hence passage of ingesta, enhancing digestion of nutrients
  • Increasing the secretion of peptides which lead to enhanced proliferation of enterocytes for improved repair of damaged mucosa and increased height of villi.
  • Down-regulation of the Salmonella pathogenicity Island 1 (SPI-1) gene expression which reduces colonization of enterocytes.
  • Sodium butyrate has a positive effect on the composition of components of the flora that secrete lactic acid in the lower intestinal tract