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Biomin Mycotoxin Survey


Dr. Raj Murugesan, Technical and Marketing Director of Biomin America Inc. has complied the results of the Company’s mycotoxin survey of U.S. 2015 corn harvest.

The entire report is posted as a sponsored article for the information of subscribers.  Among the six mycotoxins assayed (aflatoxin, fumonisin, zearalenone, deoxynivalenol {DON}, T-2 and ochratoxin) a detectable level of DON was present in 79 percent of the 381 corn samples examined and fumonisin was present in 59 percent. 

Dr. Murugesan emphasized the co-occurrence of more than one mycotoxin in 56 percent of the samples.  The geographic location of contaminated samples is indicated in the article together with the range of concentrations.


Surveys for mycotoxins in grain samples can yield widely variable results due to inherent sampling errors.  Data relating to type and distribution of specific mycotoxins can be used as a guide to implement more intensive and stratified sampling programs applicable to an area or feed mill.