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BioChek Salmonella SE/ST Antibody Kit


BioChek, headquartered in the Netherlands, will soon commence U.S. distribution of a chicken Salmonella serum antibody detection kit applying ELISA technology.  Widely used in Europe, this kit, which is highly sensitive, has the ability to measure the level of antibodies against Groups B and D Salmonella following vaccination.  According to Tim Goode VP and General Manager of BioChek Corp. the U.S. subsidiary located in Scarborough ME, the Company has now received final approval from USDA and will commercial release of the test system.  Kits  were imported into the U.S. during 2011 by vaccine manufacturers under special license for research and evaluation and to monitor the response of flocks to specific vaccines under controlled conditions. 

The test will be offered as a technique to establish the antibody response following administration of Salmonella Groups B and D vaccines to monitor geometric mean flock titer and to ascertain uniformity among vaccinates.  A non-vaccinated flock which screens other than completely negative on assay could be regarded as having been exposed to either a group B or D Salmonella, although the ELISA test kit is not intended as a diagnostic procedure to establish freedom from SE or exposure.  Drag swabs and egg pool assays have been mandated by FDA to determine the SE status of flocks and their environments.