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SDIX Offers Producers Comprehensive Salmonella Group-D1 Diagnostic Methods



Since the inception of the FDA Final Rule on suppression of SE producers have turned to state and commercial diagnostic laboratories to provide rapid, reproducible results on environmental swabs and egg pool assays.  Conducting tests and interpreting results is generally routine but problems may occur as a result of improper laboratory technique or failure to recognize the high sensitivity (see block for definitions) which is required for a screening test.

The SDIX RapidChek® SELECT ™ Test System provides highly sensitive responses.  In the event of a negative result on drag swabs, the environment of a house can be regarded as free of Group-D1 Salmonella.  In the event of a “presumptive positive test” it is necessary to proceed to conventional microbiology using selective media.  In view of the high level of contamination in enriched samples obtained from environmental swabs, the SDIX RapidChek® CONFIRM™ Immunomagnetic Separation Kit has been developed to expedite diagnosis.