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Panera Bread Introduces Kid’s Menu


Panera Bread is now offering virtually all items on their menu as small-sized dishes for children.  Ron Shaich Founder, Chairman and CEO of Panera Bread stated, “For too long restaurants in America have served menus full of nutritionally empty chicken nuggets*, pizza and fries paired with sugary drinks and cheap toys.”  He added, “I’m challenging the CEOs of some of the largest companies in the industry to personally eat exclusively from their restaurants’ kids meals for an entire week and if not, to take a thoughtful look at what they are offering our smallest guests."

Panera Bread has from its inception promoted so called “clean menus” appealing to an affluent demographic with an inordinate concern over nutrition and health but susceptible to hype and misinformation.

It is a matter of record that the major chains including McDonald’s Corporation and Wendy’s have modified their kids’ menus to include fruit and juices, low-sodium and low-fat items and with deletion of artificial coloring agents and unnecessary additives.

Shaich in his inimitable way is again promoting his Company and his products at the expense of competitors by dissemination of unsubstantiated claims and innuendo. He did not define the term “empty” in relation to nuggets which have stated values for calories, protein, sodium and fat and the use of the pejorative is sheer hyperbole unworthy of a person in his position. 


(SMS 1,530-17 September 25th 2017)