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Albertsons to Revisit Self-Checkout


Albertsons intends to install Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions check-out equipment in up to 2,300 stores through mid 2020.  The initiative follows an earlier attempt at introducing self-checkout stations which were unsatisfactory.  Albertsons had to contend with consumer rejection and incompatibility with systems in use at acquired stores.  To date Toshiba systems have been installed at Jewel, Acme, Shaw’s, Safeway and Vons among others. 


Rucha Nanavati, Group Vice President of Information Technology for Albertsons stated, “The newer self-checkout kiosks are quite user-friendly, especially the System 7.  He added, “The underlying theme is a better customer experience and service.”


The restraint with all electronic scanning systems is the need for all items including produce to be bar-coded or be equipped with effective machine vision. Otherwise delays are experienced and store personnel are required to assist customers.  It is hoped that the more advanced checkout kiosks are an improvement on previous versions.