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McDonalds Canada Testing Sustainable Items


McDonald’s Canada has selected two stores located in London, ONT. and Vancouver, BC. for a trial to evaluate sustainability. Re-pulpable cold beverage cups will be used and wooden cutlery, stir sticks and paper straws will be offered to customers, replacing plastic. McDonalds is committed to recycling guest packaging in all their restaurants by 2025 and will use renewable, recycled supplies from certified manufacturers. At the present time, McDonalds is using napkins with totally recycled fiber content and is using paper for McWraps transitioning from cartons.

Rob Deck, Supply Chain Officer for McDonalds Canada commented “We know that when we innovate in our supply chain, we can move the market as we’ve done with beef from certified sustainable sources, chicken raised without antibiotics important to human health and cage-free eggs”. This statement encapsulates the triad of welfare, sustainability and food safety. These principles are driving both consumer demand and corporate policy following the foundation laid by Bob Langert.