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Industry to Face Legal Opponents on Welfare


The Animal Wellness Foundation has announced formation of the National Law Enforcement Council. This group is dedicated to enforcing federal, state and local laws against animal cruelty. The Animal Wellness Foundation has as its objective alleviation of suffering of companion animals, livestock and wildlife. Although the organization is in the forefront of opposing dog and cock fighting or any other form of overt cruelty, their charter includes confrontation of “factory farming and other systemic forms of animal exploitation”.

Unlike many “do good” organizations with members motivated by sentiment, the National Law Enforcement Council includes solid legal support numbering eleven past or present states Attorney’s General, six District Attorneys and a number of legislators representing most of the U.S. states.

The activities of the parent body, the Animal Wellness Foundation, include veterinary care for companion animals regardless of owner’s economic status. The 501(c) 4 organization promotes responsible pet ownership and vaccination.

With considerable legal heft, the National Law Enforcement Council could be a formidable opponent if the organization is inclined to adopt a confrontational approach to intensive livestock production.