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UK Technology Facilitates Elimination of Checkout Lines


Tesco a leading supermarket chain in the UK is testing in-store tracking technology developed by Trigo Vision of Israel.  Consumers scan a store-issued card at the entrance and select their purchases from shelves and displays.  These are tracked by ceiling-mounted cameras and are charged to the customer.  On leaving the store with purchases, the account is automatically debited completing the transaction without interacting with a cashier or employee.


Variation on the UK system is under test by Carrefour applying Qopius Technology equipment requiring installation of store cameras and scanners.  Other EU initiatives include Sensei Technology developed in Portugal to be tested by various chains in the EU through 2020.


U.S. technology has been introduced for the Amazon Go stores and Walmart is testing product recognition cameras and software.  Kroger is experimenting with scanning barcodes to eliminate checkout lines.