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Brunch Emerging as a Trend Favoring Egg Consumption


According to research conducted by Mintel and Technomic, Millennials have overtaken Boomers as the largest demographic group.  Studies show that Millennials enjoy meals as social occasions. They like to eat whatever and whenever they wish and are eager to try new dishes.  Technomic determined that 38 percent of Millennials enjoy consuming foods later in the morning but also enjoy traditional breakfast dishes including eggs, potatoes, and cheese.

The requirements of Millennials were instrumental in the decision by McDonald’s to extend their program of all-day breakfast to the entire chain with beneficial results to traffic and same-store sales.

Technomic® has determined that 40 percent of consumers eat brunch at least once a week and 30 percent consider breakfast to be a destination.  Millennials appear to be skipping breakfast more in 2017 than in 2015 based on time related considerations.

This trend will obviously benefit the industry if new egg-dishes can be developed suitable for brunch.  Eggs will be incorporated as toppings on burgers, pizzas and in bowls for consumption in QSRs, for casual dining in restaurants and as on-the-go meals. The American Egg Board is at the forefront of developing new dishes suitable for brunch servings.

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