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Advice on Activists from the American Dairy Association


The American Dairy Association recently circulated advice on improving farm image relating to welfare as a proactive measure against activists. Suggestions were included in the July 10th edition of Dairy Herd Management. Recommendations  included:

  • Using social media to promote positive depiction of farms and livestock with an emphasis on concern and welfare
  • Emphasizing staff training and supervision in welfare confirming a culture committed to promoting the needs of livestock
  • Ensure that employees are aware of the “See something? Say something!” approach to welfare

The Dairy Association also listed a series of don’ts. These include disparaging other producers online and expressing frustration with fair and reasonable questions from consumers.

On the subject of “See something? Say something!”, producers are strongly advised to post a telephone number to anonymously report flock abuse. Notices should be prominently displayed in break rooms notice boards and where work routines posted.