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Salmonella Braenderup Associated with Minnesota Restaurant


Following an intensive investigation by the Minnesota Department of Health, Salmonella Braenderup responsible for seven laboratory confirmed cases was traced to infected banquet staff at a large restaurant in Bloomington, MN.  The specific Salmonella Braenderup associated with the infection conformed to PFGE pattern BR134 and all isolates were identical applying whole genome sequencing. 


Outbreaks of Salmonella Braenderup were attributed to consuming meals at the restaurant from late March through early April. The final report on the outbreak implicated romaine lettuce and tomatoes as possible vehicles of infection.


Taken at face value this limited outbreak could be regarded as just another restaurant-associated outbreak of salmonellosis.  What is important is that the serotype involved was S. Braenderup, apparently responsible for a major recall of eggs in 2017.  This incident required depopulation of a complex holding two million hens.  Until the specific outbreak investigated by the FDA involving a limited number of patients in northeast states, Salmonella Braenderup was not associated with egg-borne salmonellosis and there have been no reports of cases attributed to eggs from any farm operating under the FDA Final Rule on Prevention of  Salmonella or under a state EQAP.