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Kemin Refocuses Their Vision and Mission


Kemin Industries is undergoing a transformation. A long-established second-generation  multinational company involved in both animal and human additives and pharmaceuticals, Kemin has redefined their vision to sustainably transform the quality of life for eighty percent of the World’s population through beneficial products and services.

The Kemin Mission is to be a global manufacturer providing local, innovative nutrition and health solutions for a changing world. Kemin is achieving this goal by working in partnership with customers to fulfill needs and expectations. Products are derived from basic research and involve metabolism at the molecular level. Kemin innovations promote human health, food safety and protection of the global food supply chain. The Company responds to market needs for nutraceuticals, pet food, crop technology, textiles, agricultural productivity and biologics.

 Given the re-focusing of the Company on their mission and objectives the new new Kemin logo exemplifies the redirected vision of the company and will be applied to products and promotional material.