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"Pasteurized" Milk Responsible for Yersinia Infection


EGG-NEWS is extremely critical of raw milk that may be infected with a wide range of pathogens.  Pasteurization if performed in accordance with established standards is an effective method of eliminating bacterial foodborne infections.  Occasionally, if pasteurization is inadequate, either with respect to temperature or duration of heating due to faulty equipment or improper procedures, pathogens can survive the process and infect consumers.


The Pennsylvania Department of Health is investigating an outbreak of Yersinia infection traced back to Cream Works Creamery in Clinton Township, PA.  According to CDC 17 laboratory-confirmed cases have been diagnosed.


Pasteurization of milk on farms is an infrequent situation in the U.S. The commercial milk industry is structured on collection of milk from farm tanks and transport to a central dairy. Applying economies of scale dairies operate pasteurization installations of appropriate capacity  staffed by trained staff and quality control personnel.