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Canada to Introduce Path-To-Citizenship for Agricultural Workers


Canada currently operates a Temporary Foreign Worker program for seasonal agricultural workers. Beneficiaries of the program have limited-term work permits without any pathway to permanent residency. It is anticipated that the program will provide a path to citizenship for 17,000 applicants over three years.

The new program will focus on food processing workers, those involved in mushroom production  greenhouse crops and general farm workers involved in livestock including potential farm supervisors.

Roger Cuzner, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Employment Workforce Development and Labor stated “Temporary foreign workers who come to this country and work hard filling permanent jobs should have a fair and reasonable chance to become a Canadian regardless of the job they are filling”.

Eligibility requirements for the Agri-food immigration pilot are:

  • 12 months of full-time non-seasonal Canadian work experience in the existing Temporary Foreign Worker Program
  • Language proficiency in either English or French
  • The equivalent of a Canadian high school education
  • A job offer at or above the prevailing wage.