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USDA Awards Agricultural Trade Promotion Funding


In a press release dated July 19th, the Secretary of Agriculture, Dr. Sonny Perdue announced that USDA will award $100 million to 48 organizations under the Agricultural Trade Promotion program. The 2019 recipients are among agricultural production organization and cooperatives that applied for $200 million in agricultural trade promotion funds in 2018.

Among recipients are the American Soybean Association ($34.6 million), US Grains Council ($20.8 million), U.S. Meat ($27.6 million), USA Poultry and Egg Export Council ($2.1 million), The Organic Trade Association ($1.1 million) and the Ginseng Association of Wisconsin ($1.1 million).

It is hoped that the USDA will provide a summary of benefits associated with the expenditure of large sums on grains and oil seeds and for small crops which may or may not have been impacted by trade disputes. The small allocation to USAPEEC is considered disproportionate to red meat and is less than double the allocation to Ginseng growers. Fortunately USAPEEC receives support from the major crop associations in addition to other sources.