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Cargill Reports on Fiscal 2019


Closely held Cargill Inc. reported on Fiscal 2019 in a July 30th posting entitled “Reach Higher, the 2019Annual Report”. Cargill revenue is derived 34 percent from North America, 13 percent from Latin America, 24 percent from Europe/Middle East and Africa and 29 percent from the Asia Pacific region.


During the year, the company reported adjusted operating earnings of $2.82 billion on revenue of $113.5 billion. The company invested $2.81 billion in strategic acquisition, joint ventures and enhancing existing facilities in FY 2018.


Cargill donated $18.8 million to hunger relief and supported food banks providing 57 million meals to the needy in 20 nations.  Total charitable contributions amounted to $61.3 million in 56 countries with an emphasis on education including expenditures of $15.1 million to train 1.6 million farmers in sustainable agricultural practices.


As a major multinational agribusiness enterprise, Cargill reduced water usage across supply chains and is actively reducing greenhouse gas emissions aiming for a 10 percent reduction against a 2017 baseline by 2025.   For 2017, Cargill generated 12.4 million metric tons of carbon dioxide-equivalent across all global operations.  For the current fiscal year, carbon dioxide- equivalent emissions rose fractionally to 12.6 million metric tons despite an increase in production levels.


The annual report noted increased earnings in the North American protein businesses with value-added egg products performing well.  In contrast a mix of operating and market challenges decreased earnings in the global poultry business.  Animal Nutrition results “trailed last year as the aqua, compound feed, premix and feed additives businesses faced many regional challenges.”