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Environmental Groups Opposing GM Mosquitoes to Control Malaria



According to an insightful essay by Richard Tren in the August 1st edition of The Wall Street Journal a group of forty environment organizations are opposing the Target Malaria Project funded in part by the Gates Foundation.  The initiative involves release of genetically modified male mosquitoes to reduce the incidence rate or even eliminate malaria in affected locations.

Previously EGG-NEWS commented on misguided opposition to field trials on the Florida Keys to eliminate GM mosquitoes capable of carrying Dengue, Chikungunya and other arborviral diseases.


Advances in genetic technology including CRISPR-cas9 to produce beneficial crops displaying pest and drought resistance and nutritional enhancement will be required to feed burgeoning populations by the middle of this Century. Applying GM to insect vectors could save lives and enhance the quality of life in nations afflicted with malaria. With progressive climate change areas in temperate latitudes hitherto free of tropical diseases may become endemic areas requiring the application of emerging and unconventional control technologies.


A petition signed by close to 150 Nobel laureates has demand that environmentalists including Greenpeace cease opposition to genetic modification which offer benefits to developing populations impacted by malnutrition and disease. Blind opposition to technical advances including insertion and deletion of genes is strongly condemned as are deceptive, false and distorted claims perpetrated by antagonists of GM.