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Allied Suppliers to the Agribusiness Sector Impacted by China-U.S. Trade Dispute


Fertilizer manufacturers have been severely affected by both late spring rains with lowered planting in addition to the ongoing trade dispute between the U.S. and China.  Following the announcement that China will suspend imports of all agricultural products from the U.S. Shares in the Mosaic Company fell seven percent on Tuesday August 6th together with Nutrien also a fertilizer manufacturer which fell 3.2 percent.  Implement and equipment manufacturers including Deere and Company are expected to suffer and pesticide and GM seed suppliers Bayer AG and Corteva Inc. have shown significant declines in share price over the past week.


There is greater pessimism regarding the outcome of talks between China and the U.S. with a growing realization that there will be no resolution before 2020 if at all before the November election in that year.  It is apparent that China has adopted a waiting game and will do everything in its power to oppose the reelection of the Administration.