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Incidence Rate of ASF in Bulgaria Increases


Bulgaria has apparently failed to control African swine fever (ASF) with approximately one-quarter of the 600,000 hog population already culled or dead.  Epidemiologists are projecting that it may be necessary to destroy the entire population to control the infection.  This however will have no effect on the reservoir population of feral hogs.  At least officials in Bulgaria are transparent in relation to problems with the minister of agriculture Yanko Ivanov acknowledging failures by his department.  Imposition of sanitary zones around commercial farms has met with opposition by farmers who are refusing to cull backyard hogs and numerous protests have occurred against control measures.


Bulgaria has received $3 million in aid from the E.U. to control ASF although the Commissioner of Health and Food Safety Dr. Vytenis Andriukaitis expressed “deep disappointment” over failure to control of the outbreak.


Most recently, Russia reported an outbreak of ASF in a region close to the common border with China. The disease is essentially uncontrolled in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia, North Korea and Laos. Pork production in affected nations will be severely curtailed and price rises indicate the disparity between supply and demand.