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Welcome to Greengage Enlightened Farming


Greengage Lighting Ltd. specializes in innovative precision LED lighting and environmental sensor systems for livestock production. The company is located at the Roslin Institute near Edinburgh. This association with academics, engineers and specialists has made possible advanced lighting and electronic systems contributing to optimal productivity.

The Greengage system applies inductive power for lamps and sensors sharing a common overhead connection network. Greengage ALIS lamps are protected against water and dust and are designed to function for ten or more years delivering lux and lumen values conforming to international standards. Inductive power is supplied by hubs located exterior to the area occupied by the flock. Lamps are available in either wide or narrow-beam configuration. Blue lamps are also available to be used when depopulating houses. The ALIS range includes low-power nest lamps and strip-lamps all controlled using dawn-to-dusk controllers. ALIS lamps are designed to deliver a light spectrum consistent with the photopic response of chickens. Inductive power provides constant current in the absence of photometric flicker thereby reducing stress. Compared to conventional compact florescent lamps, ALIS inductive-powered lamps provide energy savings of from 50 to 90 percent. ALIS lighting systems reduce shadows within houses leading to higher flock uniformity. Induction-powered lighting systems reduce the possibility of barn fires.


Greengage has developed a series of ALIS sensors that can be attached to the overhead grid powering the lamps. The range of sensors include:

  • ALIS Chirp Sensor that monitors acoustic patterns indicating a deviation from optimal environmental conditions
  • The ALIS Cluster Sensor views flock motility and can indicate unusual aggregation of birds within the flock to avert to smothering
  • ALIS Greenhouse Sensor monitors ammonia, carbon dioxide and humidity
  • ALIS Ambient Sensor monitors light and temperature

Inputs from sensors are analyzed in real time to control environmental variables. Data can be accessed remotely to modify ventilation and light settings.

The North American distributor for Greengage is Davian Inc. with Jassen Jackman as the contact. Additional information on Greengage and the range of environmental control module and lighting systems can be accessed on