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OVO-Vision Software Now Available for Intermediate and Small-Sized Egg Operations


Since inception ten years ago, OVO-Vision has devised and supplied software for large packing plants. The company recently extended their range of software to encompass small and intermediate-sized plants offering  commensurate flexibility and convenience. Software can be scaled to facilitate expansion and a number of packages are available to suit specific requirements.

The proven OVO-Vision enterprise software is highly customizable and can be installed on a local server and OVO-Vision Cloud placing accessibility in reach of even the smallest of producers. The OVO-Vision cloud as offered by QwinSoft B.V. comprises several modules that can be selected depending on the needs of the application these comprise:

  • OVO-Vision basics
  • OVO-Vision essentials
  • OVO-Vision premium

Feature lists are available on the OVO-vision website which can be accessed by clicking on to the OVO-Vision logo on the right side of the welcome page. The scope of OVO-Vision software can be reviewed on the attached clip.