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U.S. Voters in Favor of Free Trade


According to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released Sunday August 18th  voters approve of free trade by a 64 percent to 27 percent margin.  This figure compares to 51 percent to 41 percent conducted towards the end of the tenure of the previous Administration.


In an interview on NBC on Monday morning August 17th, the president of the Minnesota Farmers Union averred that his constituency was suffering from the prolonged trade war with China.  He emphasized that farmers in Minnesota did not want bail-outs using public money but wished to return to farming for profit with restoration of exports.  He noted that events during the last 18 months had effectively destroyed years of work and investment in developing the market for soybeans and other agricultural products exported to China.  It is anticipated that free trade and agricultural exports will be significant issues in the Midwest during the 2020 election campaign.