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BioChek Receives Approval for Salmonella Reagents


BioChek has received approval for their Salmonella qPCR reagent.  The product is accepted by USDA-APHIS for immediate use in laboratories operating under NPIP protocols. The test has been granted AFNOR certification (BCK40/01-07/19) for worldwide implementation by food safety laboratories.


The reagent detects the presence of DNA from Salmonella serotypes in environmental samples, cloacal swabs and hatchery samples.  The test is ISO 16,140-validated for poultry processing plants and to sample raw meat and egg products.


The Salmonella qPCR reagent assay requires DNA extraction followed by Real-Time PCR detection.  The procedure is highly specific and also sensitive to screen Salmonella within 24 hours including the use of NPIP-approved pre-enrichment tetrathionate broth. 


Additional information can be obtained by accessing or by contacting Tim Goode, Vice president of sales and General Manager for BioChek North America at or (207) 809-9509.