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Novogen Acquires Hatchery in Brittany


In a September 23rd release, Novogen announced acquisition of a hatchery at Gare d’Uzel in Brittany, France. The facility will be modified to produce grandparent level chicks to be distributed worldwide and also parent stock destined for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

According to the Managing Director of Novogen, Mickael Le Helloco, “This investment represents a major milestone for Novogen strategy through 2030. The facility immediately increases production capacity to nearly four million layers with room for expansion”. The new hatchery is located in close proximity to the headquarters of Novogen in Pletran. Following renovations, the hatchery should commence operation during early Summer of 2020.

Novogen established in 2008 has a presence in over 50 nations with subsidiaries in the United States and Brazil. Novogen is a company within the Grimaud Group, a multinational breeding company with 1,800 employees worldwide and annual revenue of $370 million.