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Tim Horton’s Restricting Beyond Meat Menu Items


Following what was reputedly a successful trial, the Tim Horton’s chain will confine servings of Beyond Meat products to British Columbia and Ontario. Tim Horton’s rolled out Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches in June followed by plant-based burgers in July.

Jose Cil, CEO of Restaurant Brands International, the parent company of Tim Horton’s stated on August 2nd that the Beyond Meat products would not necessarily be on the menu over the long term. He clarified “We looked at the Beyond Meat burger as a limited time offer to see how it would react and were encouraged by some of the behavior there”. He added “But in the end, we are really a coffee and baked goods business with a very strong sandwich offering with soups and other products in our restaurants”.

EGG-NEWS and CHICK-NEWS have commented on the rapid acceptance of plant-based protein burgers with high growth albeit from a small base. These products have been positioned as healthy alternatives to beef and have been sold at a premium compared to the real product. Sales may well have been driven by curiosity and it remains to be seen whether demand extends beyond flexitarians and vegetarians. Despite all the hype and publicity surrounding vegetable protein, the question of equivalency in nutritional value has yet to be considered.