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Ovotrack Completes Installation of System in Australia


Ovotrack has reported on the successful installation of an Ovotrack system extending over a two-month period in the plant operated by D.A. Hall in Australia. The company operates a Moba Omnia FT 5000 Grader with a combi-loader and plant automation. The Ovotrack installation will permit full traceability and inventory control including ECI for automated batch changes and synchronization of grading results.

Cooperation between the IT personnel at D.A. Hall and the Ovotrack software development team permitted a seamless conversion to Ovotrack involving both hardware and software.

Don Trefz, GM of the Supply Chain at D. A. Hall stated “We are happy with the solution and with the partnership. We are constantly working on improving the quality and efficiency of our operation. Automation and data are key elements in that process and Ovotrack helps us with both.”