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Tariff Reductions Follow U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement


According to the terms of the recently concluded U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement, tariffs on egg products will be reduced progressively over a four-year period. Dried egg yolk purchased by Japan in significant quantities will be reduced from a base rate of 18.8 percent to 12.5 percent in Year one declining progressively to 3.1 percent in Year four. Dried whole egg will decline from 21.3 percent to 10.7 percent and frozen whole egg from 21.3 percent to 3.6 percent in year four. The duty on egg albumen currently at 8 percent will be waived after one year.

The reduction in duty effectively places the U.S. in the same bracket as members of the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Agreement formed in 2017 after unilateral withdrawal by the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

During the first eight months of 2019 Japan was the first-ranked importer of U.S. egg products representing 27.6 percent of volume with 5,549 metric tons but a decrease of 29.4 percent compared to the first eight months of 2018. Total value of egg products exported during the first eight months of 2019 was $22.1 million down 33.2 percent from 2018. On a value basis Japan represented 34.5 percent of U.S. egg products exported but down from 42.2 percent for the first eight months of 2018. Unit value was $3,982 ($4,213 in 2018) compared to the average value of $3,180 for all egg products exported during the first eight months of 2019. This is consistent with purchase of dried egg yolk incorporated into noodles and dried albumen for traditional foods.